It had to happen eventually. Modern Drunkard Magazine is a Denver drinker’s staple guide, circulating the hipster dives and seedy watering holes for years. It’s gone from a black & white ‘zine to a colorful magazine with national advertisers and a hefty circulation. And as of Tuesday, October 25, it will be an actual book, titled The Modern Drunkard and available at a booze-friendly bookstore near you. Written by local alkie and magazine editor Frank Kelly Rich, (sidebar — read about his current mud-slinging war with Dave Flomberg from the Rocky and his buddies on Frank’s rant page right here — juicy!) the book looks like it has some lovely little tidbits of tippling lore:

  • Etiquette for Inebriates: An illustrated guide on how to behave while bombed
  • The Lost Art of the Lost Weekend: While a full-bore bender may be impractical, it’s surprisingly easy to fit in a weekend jag
  • The History of Hooch: We weren’t the first and we won’t be the last. A humorous survey of how alcohol has altered-and sometimes directed-the course of human history
  • Dressing to Drink: The fashion and function of the drunkard’s wardrobe
  • Chapters also include The Zen of Drinking Alone, How to Ace An Intervention, Party-Crashing Strategies, and a surprisingly detailed section on Juicing on the Job. A hilarious romp through boozy terrain, THE MODERN DRUNKARD is an in-depth guide to one man’s obsession.

    Stay tuned for the details on the book launch party, and plan to get your autograph early — before the booze starts flowing freely.