Demonstrations are planned across the country on Monday, May 1. Supporters of immigration reform have done their organizing work well. The “National Day of Action” demonstrations, which will be accompanied by work stoppages, are in direct response to the immigration debate and proposed legislative reforms being debated by Congress. May 1 is also International Workers’ Day.

If you work in Downtown Denver, what can you expect?

Here’s what’s planned: The demonstrations are scheduled to begin in Viking Park around 9:00 am and proceed towards downtown along Speer Boulevard to Market Street. The marchers will then turn right on 17th Street to Broadway, and on to Civic Center. 17th Street most likely will be closed for the duration.

According to an e-mail I received from management of my office building on 17th Street, here’s what they expect:

There is a possibility that these demonstrations could be much larger than previous immigration protests. Our building may or may not be the site of some protest activity. Denver Police officials are anticipating 50,000 to 75,000 demonstrators. The building staff and security have been alerted and may elect to close or alter entrances to the building on Monday. We encourage you and your employees to keep your building access cards with you in the event the building secures the entrances.

Additionally, there is the potential that our building may experience a reduction in workforce if vendor employees decide to participate in these protests. As a result, our building’s parking, security and janitorial services could be significantly affected.

I can’t think of a better way to illustrate the value of these workers and their essential contribution to the functioning of our community.