Anyone who’s watched presidential primary forums knows the difficulties of evoking substantive information from a large group of candidates in a short amount of time. That’s not to say fewer candidates always offer more worthwhile discussion, but the logistics of organizing such events were bound to come into play at some point in this year’s race for Denver mayor. And that’s exactly what happened Saturday, when the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District invited just six of the 17 mayoral hopefuls to discuss the district’s economy, reports the Denver Post. The group picked the top fundraisers so far, irking Thomas Wolf, who has vowed not to collect campaign donations.

Rounding up all 17 members of the constantly growing contingent (which before Saturday counted 16) is apparently challenging, even when it comes to offering free press: At Panorama’s deadline, 9News had caught up with 15 of the candidates for a series of taped one-minute pitches, and the Post had received 12 replies to its questions on the local economy.