While the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News have been laying off staff, the Montrose Daily Press has added employees and initiated a Saturday edition of the paper.

The reason: An increase in population between Grand Junction and Telluride.

Montrose, at 5,794 feet, roughly halfway between Grand Junction and Telluride has becoming an increasingly popular destination, and the county’s population has increased more than 36 percent since 1960. Improvements on Highway 50 have speeded up connections to Grand Junction.

The paper has also redesigned its website.

This is part of the current 24/7 trend in news.

“Business is continually introducing new products. Stores are open 24 hours a day now, grocery stores sell TV sets. Everything’s changed, so we’re changing too,” he said.

The move also favors advertisers by providing them with “all day exposure.”

All it needs now is a blog.