The Denver Post and 9 News report that Denver police believe Willie Clark, arrested last week as a “person of interest” in the Darrent Williams murder investigation, was in the SUV that fired on the Hummer carrying Williams on New Years Eve, but was not the shooter. Two more arrests may be imminent. Also, the Denver Broncos have announced a $100,000 reward for information “leading to murder charges” in the case. As for Willie Clark, he hoped to get out of jail Wednesday on his parole violation charge, but instead, he got his cousin arrested.

Clark’s lawyer says his client’s arrest was based on erroneous allegations that he committed a series of traffic offenses and failed to show up in court to resolve them. The lawyer, Michael Andre, contends the offenses were actually committed by Clark’s cousin, Stephen Futrell Howard, who has used Clark’s name as one of his past aliases. At a hearing this morning, a prosecutor conceded that the ticket indeed belonged to Howard, who came to court to tell the judge the same story. But Denver County Judge Mary Celeste said she was not satisfied that the confusion had been resolved. She ordered Howard taken into custody on the spot on $2,500 bail until another hearing can be held on Tuesday.

If Clark told police he was in the car but not the shooter, it’s possible he told authorities who else was in the car. The question then would be, how credible is Clark? While everyone wants Williams’ murderer apprehended, it’s good that the police are going slow and attempting to verify the information they are receiving before acting upon it.