Back in 2006, The Greeley Tribune reported that a University of Northern Colorado student alleged she had been the victim of date rape. But, as I noted earlier this week, the Weld County District Attorney’s Office, led by Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Ken Buck, refused to pursue criminal charges—despite an admission by the attacker. The Colorado Independent has been investigating the allegations and has printed a transcript of a phone call the woman made to her alleged attacker.

“You do realize…it’s rape,” she said to the suspect, who replied, “Yeah, I do.”

Buck told the Tribune at the time he didn’t think the case would result in a prosecution, adding, “a jury could very well conclude that this is a case of buyer’s remorse.” That comment is now shining a glaring spotlight on Buck as he attempts to unseat Democratic Senator Michael Bennet in next month’s election. Critics, including left-leaning ProgressNow Colorado, are weighing in. “I think it shows a lack of overall respect for women,” Kjersten Forseth, interim executive director of the group, tells The Associated Press.

Buck’s public comments at the time infuriated the alleged victim, but so did remarks made during a private meeting with Buck, which she also recorded. “It appears to me…that you invited him over to have sex with him,” Buck said (via the Independent’s transcript).

“The offender admitted he did it, but Ken Buck said I was to blame,” the unidentified woman says today. “Had he [Buck] not attacked me, I might have let it go. But he put the blame on me, and I was furious. I still am furious.”

For his part, Buck is once again defending his decision, telling the Tribune “the case was not prosecutable.”

Meanwhile, Buck has also drawn the ire—or at least the disapproval—of the anti-abortion group American Right to Life, which is no longer endorsing Buck’s senatorial bid, reports The Associated Press.