Beyond New York’s Bernard Madoff, whose international Ponzi scheme has touched the likes of former Congressman Tom Tancredo– among many, many other Coloradans–there’s the lesser-known William L. Walters. The former Lone Tree resident is accused by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of running a $16.8 million scam similar to Madoff’s, writes the Denver Business Journal. Walters allegedly promised more than 80 investors financial returns of up to 40 percent, but only deposited a small fraction of their money into accounts and sustained heavy losses on the trading he conducted on their behalf. He used investor funds to pay off prior investors in a classic pattern to support his lavish lifestyle of pricey cars and homes in Colorado and Hawaii, according to the SEC. Meanwhile, The Denver Post reports that the SEC also shut down the Stanford Group Co. this week after the Houston firm failed to account for $8 billion in certificates of deposit sold to more than 30,000 clients, which, if true, “could be the latest scam to snare Colorado investors.” As the financial bad guys get their due, even “hush-hush” UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank, is divulging the names of Americans suspected of evading the Internal Revenue Service, according to The New York Times.