As peanut company executives from Georgia faced scrutiny in Washington, D.C., yesterday, Liks Ice Cream Parlor Inc. in Denver recalled its Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and its Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup ice creams, writes The Associated Press, which notes, thankfully, that the recalls were voluntary and no Liks customers reported being sickened. It’s the latest action in the massive salmonella outbreak that has made 600 people ill and may have killed up to nine others. The alleged deadly peanuts trace back to the Peanut Corp. of America in Georgia, whose executives seemed to have peanut butter stuck to the roofs of their mouths yesterday. As families told a congressional panel stories of sickness and death, the company’s president and its plant managers, Stewart Parnell and Sammy Lightsey, invoked their Fifth Amendment right not to present self-incriminating evidence, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but there were loads of evidence anyway. The company did not wait for the results of tests before shipping, according to congressional investigators, and when Lightsey was told the peanuts were tainted, he responded by saying, “Uh-oh,” according to documents cited by The New York Times.