Former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff has sold his house to help fund his Democratic campaign for U.S. Senate, but he scoffs at criticisms that the campaign is desperate for cash.

“I’m never home anyway,” Romanoff, who has lived in the 946-square-foot Washington Park home since 1996, tells The Denver Post.

So who got the ol’ place? Turns out it went to a company owned by Denver’s “King of Flips,” Greg Geller, according to Face the State. The home, never listed on the market, was sold to Vision Denver, which typically deals in vacant and foreclosure homes.

The $360,000 sale price was also well below the estimated $429,000 market value of similar homes in the area and begs the question of just where, exactly, Romanoff will live as he campaigns toward the August 10 primary. While nobody in the Romanoff camp has an immediate answer to that question, Geller tells FTS that Romanoff can live in the Wash Park house for now under some sort of contract.

“I can’t talk about anything until September, when the contract runs out,” says Geller, adding that he’s in the deal to make money and that he didn’t know the home was Romanoff’s until late in the sale process. And, Geller tells The Denver Post, he has not contributed to Romanoff or his Democratic opponent, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet.

The housing market isn’t the only place Romanoff is turning to for campaign cash. Diligently following the story, Face the State does more math and digs through tax records to piece together Romanoff’s loan to himself, finding that the candidate has also cashed out a trust fund and other assets.

Vanessa Martinez contributed to this post.