Secret Ingredients: We’ve found plenty of “secrets” in Denver’s suburbs, but Louisville has discovered the economic sweet spot for ‘burb success (Daily Camera)—and Lafayette wants a little taste of its own (Camera).

Symphony or Jazz? The former might be faring better financially in Denver (Business Journal), with the Colorado Symphony logging a record-breaking year in sales, while the popular City Park Jazz series struggles to find corporate sponsors (Post). Patron donations, on the other hand, increased last year by 100 percent.

Suthers’ Inner South Park: Colorado Attorney General John Suthers and the popular animated series South Park may not seem comparable, but Westword thinks the AG’s latest commercial warning against underage drinking is a dead ringer for the show.

Forget Clubbing. Go Pedaling Instead: The Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association was successful in blocking a license for a new dance club at 250 Steele St., arguing late-night partiers would be disruptive to nearby residents (Denver Post). Revelers looking for a new way to imbibe will cover more ground on the Denver Pedal Bar, a 15-seat trolley-like bicycle that allows pedal-ers to bar cruise—legally, it seems (Denver Thrillist).

Want to Be Happier and Healthier? Move to Boulder. A new Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index lists it as the happiest, healthiest place in the country (USA Today). At No. 33, Colorado Springs ranks 10 spots higher than Denver, and Fort Collins makes an appearance at No. 58. No matter which city you call home, if you’re a male living in Colorado, be sure to read our “5280 Guide to the 5 Biggest Health Risks for Men.”