Goin’ Golyansky: A rally in solidarity with Wisconsin state workers attracted 500 union supporters to the Colorado state Capitol on Tuesday, writes the Denver Post. And while Republican state Senators Bill Cadman and Shawn Mitchell may not like union bosses, they’re not about to go Gregory Golyansky on ’em. The Soviet Union-born vice president of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers, Golyansky offered some choice quotes while participating in a counterprotest on Tuesday (also via the Post).

“Who Needs Melo?”: The newest Denver Nuggets players gave fans a good reason to chant last night, beating the Memphis Grizzlies by 13 points just after a major transformation in the Nuggets lineup (via the Denver Post and 5280.com). Coach George Karl tells the Post his team still has a real shot at the playoffs. Sports Illustrated agrees, but Denver has plenty of work to do, writes Yahoo! Sports.

Champ Happy: While nobody can fill the void left by hometown hero Chauncey Billups, at least the Broncos provided a nice distraction from the Nuggets’ loss by re-signing Champ Bailey for four more years (via ProFootballTalk).
What Counts? While some folks are criticizing the nutritional value of Michelle Obama’s Vail dinner (via the Daily), a group of Colorado Republicans is more concerned about the taxes—not the calories—that come with a can of soda (via the Associated Press).
The Businesspeople’s Republic: President Obama will visit Boulder as part of an eight-city tour to ask small-business owners and entrepreneurs what kinds of government regulation might be stunting their growth (via the Denver Post). What about big business? Done.

Go Forth and Distill: Greeley vodka-maker Syntax Spirits is the latest addition to Colorado’s distilleries scene, writes the Tribune, contributing to a local start-up trend recently noted in Daily Finance.