High Tea: The Teapot Party has endorsed City Councilman Doug Linkhart in his bid for Denver mayor based on his medical-marijuana-friendly views, writes the Denver Post, noting the party was founded by country singer Willie Nelson.

Better Off Ahead: Carmelo Anthony has finally dropped a line to his former fans in Denver (ThisisMelo.com). It’s a nice gesture, but maybe it’s best he’s gone: The Nuggets are 5-1 since Melo was traded to the New York Knicks, which includes last night’s thrilling 103-101 win over the Utah Jazz (Denver Post).

More-Than-Once Bitten: Pest-control companies Terminix and Orkin rank Denver among the worst places in the nation for bedbugs, and the little bloodsuckers are wreaking havoc on locals’ lives, Westword discovers, mapping out the city’s complaints.

Lift Off: The U.S. Forest Service has accepted Eldora Mountain Resort’s plan to build new lifts and replace others at the ski area outside Boulder (Associated Press). And it’s good timing: Lift makers are turning their attention to the needs of small ski hills around the country (Denver Post).

Don’t Dam the Future: For years we’ve heard the coming strains on the local water supply could be severe, but rather than building dams or expanding reservoirs, several conservation groups argue in a report that careful use of existing resources will be sufficient if we start planning now (Westword).

A “Very Exciting” Breakthrough: University of Colorado researchers have made a “huge step” in the effort to repair damaged spinal cords. In tests, paralyzed lab rats were able to walk after stem cells were transplanted, an experiment that bodes well for the possible treatment of a range of problems, from traumatic brain injuries to Alzheimer’s (Denver Post).

Season of Giving: The word donation implies a gift given willingly, but at the University of Colorado, it also means a mandatory fee added to premium season tickets to football games (Daily Camera).