Trail Service: When professional mountain bike rider Michael West was caught riding a trail through restricted land near Boulder in March, he was suspended from his team and given a date with a judge. Now he’s got 60 hours of community service, delivering presentations on the impact of biking in closed areas (Daily Camera).

Giving Thanks: During her Lakewood appearance last night, Sarah Palin thanked former President George W. Bush—not Barack Obama—for tracking down Osama bin Laden (Post). In any case, Gary Faulkner is relieved. Now that Osama is dead, the Greeley man won’t have to return to Pakistan to finish the job himself (Tribune). Obama managed some love over at the state Capitol, however, where his official rotunda portrait was revealed this week (The Spot).

Social Recruiting: In the high-stakes world of college football, schools are looking for any advantage in landing the top recruits. The latest tactic? Facebook. (Denver Post).

Things Will Be Great When You’re…: It’s been the butt of blight jokes for years, and now the seemingly cursed Westminster Mall will finally be razed. In its place will rise a downtown for the 100-year-old suburb (Denver Post).

The Team Car: The Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche may have ended their seasons on sour notes, but they could still win over the state Legislature, which is considering whether to approve team-themed license plates (NewsFirst5).