A Little Late, NBA: The Denver Nuggets and their fans were incensed Sunday night when an Oklahoma City Thunder player appeared to illegally tip a ball into the basket late in the game, putting OKC in the lead before winning the first playoff game. The refs blew the call, and the NBA admitted as much Monday—a little too late for the Nuggets (Denver Post). Thanks.

Orange Brigade: This Saturday, grief will give way to celebration as orange-clad Denverites bike through the district of late City Councilwoman Carla Madison in memory of Madison’s public service, culminating in Carla’s Birthday Jubilee (Bike Denver). Organizers are requesting RSVPs via the event’s Facebook page.

Onward to the Battleground: President Obama had Colorado in his sights yesterday, granting CBS4 an “exclusive” interview at the White House (Denver Post), and presenting the Air Force Academy with its first Commander in Chief trophy in eight years (Associated Press). We’ll be seeing more of Obama when his deficit tour passes through our purple state (ABC News).

Chick Buzz: City dwellers wanting to raise chickens, goats, or ducks in their backyards will have to wait another couple months before Denver City Council is ready to hear a proposal that “would change the city’s zoning and animal control regulations” to allow backyard livestock “without a zoning or livestock permit” (Denver Post). Although there are opponents, sustainable living advocates in Durango see only benefits and want bees “to be the next big thing” in urban farming (Herald).

Voluntary Confinement: Now that we know more carcinogenic chemicals have been used for “fracking” in Colorado than most states (CS Indy), when will we know if the hazardous materials have impacted our drinking water? The Environmental Protection Agency is looking into it—and waiting on the natural gas industry to volunteer more information (New York Times).

Too Many Teams? Imagine owning nearly a half-dozen professional sports franchises, two major venues, and a regional television network. Such is life for Stan Kroenke, owner of the Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Rapids, and several other teams. He also owns the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, and people in the Gateway City are starting to wonder if he’s spread too thin to help the Rams (St. Louis Post-Dispatch).