The Burlington Murders: The 12-year-old son of Charles and Marilyn Long was arrested yesterday in the small Eastern Plains town of Burlington, after he was suspected of murdering his parents and seriously injuring his nine-year-old brother Ethan and five-year-old sister Sara (Denver Post). News of the violent rampage, which included both a gun and knife, is making international headlines and has left the local community stunned. Westword wonders if the boy will be charged as an adult.

Out of Bounds: Ken Ross, the golf-happy CEO of Pinnacol Assurance, had his $163,000 bonus yanked by a newly elected board questioning his behavior, including a violent threat against 7News reporter Tony Kovaleski, who last year exposed the elite perks received by Pinnacol execs (7News).

The Superpower of Parking Officials: While Denver’s city attorney argues the tens of thousands of parking tickets issued by two officers lacking the proper credentials were legal, CBS4 has uncovered internal documents from months before the flap in which officials clarified that vehicle-control agents must have “current, valid, special police authority” to issue such tickets. Moreover, the news station has dredged up information on yet another officer who wasn’t qualified to be writing them.

Orange and Blue: Tim Tebow showed up for a golf pro-am rocking bright orange pants and crushed a 350-yard drive on the first hole (Denver Post), while the Broncos released Denver native Daniel Graham, a blocking tight end who was due a $1 million roster bonus and $4.2 million in salary this year (Associated Press).

Rox Down: Rockies owner Charlie Monfort was admitted to a hospital yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona, after taking a fall, although the 51-year-old’s injuries are reportedly minor. His team also fell 7-3 to San Diego in Colorado’s first preseason loss (both via

No “We” in weGrow: There’s already trouble at the so-called Walmart of Weed. The ganjapreneurs behind weGrow, Dhar Mann and Derek Peterson, are going through a messy breakup, with Peterson calling the joint venture a “hydroponzi” scheme (Mother Jones).

Help for Miss Colorado: On the Today show yesterday, Donald Trump acknowledged the predicament of Miss Colorado USA Blair Griffith, who is homeless but will nevertheless compete in Trump’s Miss USA pageant in June. “I think we’re going to try and do something about it,” Trump said. “I told my people [to] really look at it strongly and see if we can help out” (9News).