Correction: The show mentioned in “Red Sky Roots” is tonight at the Fox Theatre, not Boulder Theater. We regret the error.

Reese Lightning: Last time Greeley school board member Brett Reese was in the news, he was accusing the late Martin Luther King Jr. of being a “communist” and “sexual degenerate.” This time, the fingers are pointing at Reese: His fellow school board members are talking about censuring him for alleged sexual harassment and public drunkenness during a board meeting (Tribune). Reese has issued a statement denying the claims.

Westboro-Free: Ponderosa High School had been bracing and preparing for the infamous picketers of Westboro Baptist Church at this morning’s graduation ceremony, but yesterday the group cancelled plans for three Denver-area protests “due to transportation issues” (Ed News Colorado). Westword doesn’t buy it.

Dolphins Fans Want…Orton? Ever since Tim Tebow came to town, Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton has fallen into his shadow. Would he get more love in Miami (Westword)?

Red Sky Roots: The Fray, arguably one of the most successful bands to come out of Colorado, may or may not be playing a show at the Fox Theatre tonight (wink, wink) ahead of their opening gig for U2 on Saturday at Invesco Field (Westword). Less vague is Colorado’s part in helping shape U2 into the megaband it is today (Post).

Records Aren’t Made to Last 74 Years: Greeley Central High School senior Zach Krieger knew he could top the school’s record in the 400 meters—a record that was set in 1937. And he did (Tribune).