Good for Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey, who recognizes that members of Colorado’s Congressional delegation, trying to get in on the extradition of Raul Gomez Garcia are hurting, rather than helping the effort:

Denver’s district attorney is urging Colorado’s representatives in Washington to stay out of the fight to extradite a man accused of killing a Denver police officer and wounding another last month. In a letter to the state’s Congressional delegation Wednesday, District Attorney Mitch Morrissey said that exerting political pressure on Mexico to return Raul Gomez-Garcia to Colorado could back fire. “I know that there is a desire to be helpful in efforts to seek justice,” Morrissey wrote. “However, I have serious concerns about some of the public comments that have been made about the case and matters related to extradition. Comments that appear disrespectful of Mexican law or appear to be attempts to pressure Mexican officials in some way are not helpful.”

As for Rep. Bob Beauprez’s injudicious “Mexican time” comment, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Rutt Bridges, is quick on the draw:

“Stereotypes and slurs don’t represent Colorado values.”