Her name was 341F. She traveled 1,000 miles from Montana to Eagle County in search of a mate. That’s what gray wolves do, even though packs haven’t populated Colorado since being hunted into extinction 70 years ago. But 341F, part of a federal program to restore the beasts to the wild, didn’t make it. Her body was recovered by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials in mountainous Eagle County, reports The Aspen Daily News. Satellite data showed that she made her way through wild lands–Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, southeastern Idaho, northeastern Utah, and Colorado. Officials are not yet saying exactly where the wolf was found or how she died, according to The Denver Post. “This adventurous wolf sparked Colorado’s imagination,” says Gary Wockner, a Fort Collins-based advocate, author, and former member of the Colorado Wolf Working Group. “She made us think about what Colorado is missing without its wolves.” Previously, the last known Yellowstone-area wolf to enter Colorado was found in 2004, killed by a vehicle on Interstate 70. Meanwhile, gray wolves are coming off the Endangered Species List everywhere except Wyoming, an action by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that has “infuriated pro-wolfers,” according to the Flathead Beacon.