Fort Collins claims several tourist draws, particularly in summertime. It helps that the northern Colorado City, often dubbed a college town for being home to Colorado State University, has two of the country’s top craft beer breweries. And while brewery pilgrims generate plenty of tourism dollars for the Fort, river rafters are staying in local hotels, shopping, and eating in greater numbers than ever before (Fort Collins Coloradoan). Their kayaking brethren, meanwhile, are headed for Steamboat Springs, where record snows could lead to an epic season on the Yampa River (Steamboat Today).

As Coloradans begin to stow away their winter gear and dust off essential equipment for the warmer seasons, outdoor sportsmen and conservation groups are gearing up for the next round of battles over “roadless” areas (Denver Post). The latest draft of the Forest Service’s controversial plan was released yesterday and includes exemptions for access to natural areas for mining, logging, and other industries (Colorado Independent).