The Rocky Mountain News devoted much of the business section Saturday to an analysis of Colorado’s top earners.

Homebuilder chief execs Larry Mizel and David Mandarich of MDC Holdings are at the top of the heap. Each made $40 million this year.

Here’s the list of the top 262 earners. Salaries, bonuses and stock options are included in the compensation totals. Check out the top 50 — there is only one woman, Pamela H. Patsley, Senior Executive Vice President of First Data. Ms. Patsley earned $3,420,478 and is the only woman who earned more than $3 million last year. Out of about 97 persons earning more than $2 million, only four were women.

Four men, but not one woman in Colorado had a salary in excess of $1 million. Twenty-two men but no women had bonuses exceeding $1 million. Eight men but no women received stock options with a potential value of more than $15 million. Five men but no women made more than $10 million from cashing out stock options.

Why the disparity? However far we’ve come, it’s not nearly far enough in the world of corporate movers and shakers.