Murray’s, the much-loved Greenwich Village cheese shop, recently formed a partnership with King Soopers to bring a condensed version of the legendary store to select Front Range locations. I recently stopped by the first Colorado outpost, which opened in August at the King Soopers on Leetsdale Drive and Cherry Street in Glendale.

The large orange and yellow kiosk offers shoppers a choice of more than 175 cheeses sourced around the world by Murray’s president Rob Kaufelt. Working with the cheese mongers—all of whom have been trained at the Greenwich Village store—I put together a selection of four complementary cheeses. My choices included Rogue River blue cheese, a rich and salty blue-veined cheese from Oregon that had been aged in brandy-soaked grape leaves; Merlot Bellavitano, a dense, buttery cheese with wheels soaked in Merlot; Chaumes, a French-washed rind (read: nicely aromatic) cheese; and, my new favorite, a sweet, mango and ginger white Stilton.

Perhaps best of all, Murray’s is generous with tasting—so ask if you’re unfamiliar with a cheese. Plus, placards offer thorough descriptions of each option, along with wine- and beer-pairing suggestions. My take: Grocery shopping just got a whole lot more fun.

Bonus: Murray’s also offers an olive bar, fruit spreads, crackers, and other perfect-with-cheese specialty food items.

4600 Leetsdale Dr., 303-320-3100