Unlike Sen. Wayne Allard, Rep. Marilyn Musgrave does have an opinion on the U.S. Attorney firing scandal and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Tuesday, she called upon Gonzales to resign and show his loyalty to President Bush.

Musgrave released the text of a brief letter to Gonzales, saying Congress must focus on the war on terror, illegal immigration, energy, high gas prices and other issues without distractions.

“In light of the ongoing controversy, I respectfully ask that, for the good of our country and out of loyalty to the president, you consider stepping aside to ensure that the president, Congress, and the country’s leaders can rededicate themselves to the important issues facing our nation,” she wrote.

Sen. Allard’s refusal to call for Gonzales’ resignation seems less like support for Gonzales than skepticism that a new nominee would win Senate confirmation.

But here’s the problem as I see it. If you get rid of him, how do we get anybody confirmed to that position? We’re in a highly politically charged environment right here in Washington now. If he steps down, who is it that we can find to replace him, and right now I don’t see an alternative,” Allard said Monday.

Yet, on Monday, President Bush offered his strongest support yet for Gonzales.

I find it odd that a Bush loyalist like Rep. Musgrave would call for a resignation the President obviously opposes. Is something else at work here? Does the President really want Gonzales to resign but just can’t bring himself to admit it publicly? Are Republicans like Rep. Musgrave who are calling for the Attorney General’s ouster really doing the President’s bidding?

It seems that way to me.