As Colorado continues to establish itself as an energetic incubator of various musical genres, Blake Brown is bringing a stark edginess to one of the oldest styles of all.

With We Believers, a six-song EP he recorded with the American Dust Choir, Brown has created a blend of Americana-influenced rock that somehow bubbles with both energy and sadness. His plaintive, gravely voice invokes the hapless and longing wail of two first-rate Ryans—Adams and Bingham—and he delivers these somber ballads with a toughness suggestive of his rural Texas roots. (He currently lives here and works with the Artwork Network.)

We Believers is a true Colorado recording, with lush instrumentation that features members of the Fray, Varlet, and the Centennial, among others. Brown will be debuting the recording on Friday, November 22 at the Hi-Dive (9:30PM, $6), so lovers of sophisticated and authentic American music should check it out.

—Image courtesy of Blake Brown/Gary Isaacs

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