I love a good hot sauce—one that, with only a drop, can transform a bland bite into something rave-worthy. My current obsession is the Boulder Hot Sauce Company’s Smokey Serrano. The complex condiment relies on flame-charred poblano peppers to provide a smoky base for spicy red Serrano peppers. A hint of vinegar brings acidity and fresh carrots and onions add sweetness—all of which means the complex condiment can perk up a boring dish in a hurry.

Though I most frequently pair the hot sauce with a burrito from Illegal Pete’s (one drop per bite, thank you), I also like to add it to recipes as a secret ingredient. A few shakes can transform a batch of guacamole, carrot soup, or mac and cheese. Be prepared for recipe requests.

Get some: Whole Foods Market carries the Boulder Hot Sauce Company’s Smokey Serrano and Harry’s Habanero.