A few weeks ago, I told you about this nifty new guide to brunchables in Denver and Boulder. I’ve been putting it to good use.

Yesterday I visited Aix for brunch, and discovered not only a great brunch menu, but a great cocktail as well. I had roasted chicken with pesto, poached eggs, sunchokes and country potatoes – which was all delish – and the French Mary, an inspired turn on the traditional Bloody Mary. They add cucumber juice and licorice-flavored Pernod to the mix, garnish it with a cucumber slice, and serve it up in an oversized martini glass. I’ll be back for that for sure.

At Bump & Grind Saturday, Petticoat Bruncheon was in full swing, with hairy-legged drag queens in hot pants serving up massive plates of breakfast items for our afternoon fortification. They don’t serve alcohol here, but the coffee is high-octane and the atmosphere is wild enough without it.

Over at Le Central, a recent visit raised the question of why this “affordable French restaurant” had slipped off my radar over the past few years. Still affordable, tasty, and oh-so-cozy, it’s one I’ll return to regularly. I didn’t try the Bloody Mary there, but the Kir Royale — champagne and Creme de Cassis – was divine (as was the veggie Benedict with spinach and artichokes over brioche). Snag a seat on the sun-filled enclosed porch in the rear if you can, and plan to stay a while.

Next weekend, perhaps I’ll stray a bit further from my downtown home base. But that’s the hard part about trying new places — once you find one you like, what’s the point of looking further? Then again, there’s a lot to be said for new discoveries.

Any suggestions for my next stop? Fill me in.