Thanks to all of you who commented on my pigeon-rescue question from last week. And though I did say that I “hate” pigeons when they try to roost on my front porch, I certainly could never turn my back on an injured animal. Quite the opposite, actually. He seemed to adopt me as much as I adopted him, coming right up to me when I first knelt down under my apricot tree to inspect his injuries. And later Friday evening, when I very gently picked the little guy up and put him in a makeshift nest in my pet carrier to keep him safe temporarily, I became instantly attached to my new feathered friend. He was quite sweet and tame, and seemed to be relieved to have a cozy nook and a caretaker. Unfortunately, I did not think my home was a suitable place to nurse the little birdie permanently. I have an indoor cat and a dog, and the attack was surely from one of the neighborhood alley cats (verified by the vet who checked him over later) so I couldn’t have left him outdoors in the yard, either. But I’m happy to say that the little guy is in very good hands now. “Pidge,” as I started calling him, is now happily recuperating with the caring volunteers at Wild Bird Rescue (5527 E. Asbury Ave, 720-297-2546), who did get back to me over the weekend and offered to take him in. Pidge will be cared for by professionals for the next six months (!) until his feathers regrow, and then he’ll be released and allowed to fly free once again. And though I may not exactly encourage the neighborhood pigeons to take up residence under my porch rafters, I’ll surely look very carefully for Pidge before I shoo any of them away.