[Note: This is not a transcript. It’s just my live notes as fast as I can type. See my earlier post for abbreviation keys. Spelling errors will be fixed later.] 2:40 pm. Have any of the jurors owned stocks? Did they earn or lose money? If they lost money, would their feelings affect them in this case? I’m in the media room now, which actually is the former courtroom of Judge Daniel Sparr on the 7th floor. There are four large monitors here where you can view the judge, court reporter and counsel tables. Not the jurors. Do any of you have strong feelings about corporations that you think we should know about? Do you have any problems that would hinder you in applying the court’s instructions at the end of the case? He’s done with the group questions. He now begins the personal questions and will address each juror individually. (occupation, marriage, etc.) The audio for the jurors answers is terrible. The defense can’t hear either. The judge offers to allow Stern to sit next to Stricklin. Stricklin doesn’t like that idea and now they are at the bench. First up: Addiction counselor, married, separated, child. Attends college. Doesn’t read news on daily basis.

#2. Colo. Springs, last 7 years, store manager, husband is disabled, no kids, associates degree in business, no opinion on how much corporate officers make. #3. Golden, Colorado, native, two kids, divorced. Temporary laborer. Used to work as mill right. No problem with coporate salaries. #4. Longmont for 39 years, Colorado native, married, no kids. Husband is water treatment operator. High school and 2 years community college, studied to be administration asst. No opinion of corporate salaries. #5. Silverton, last 32 years, married, 2 kids, grown, husband and her own a financial administration company in Frisco. For condo associations and businesses. High school and community college (bookkeeping and accounting) #6. Greeley, 13 years. Born in Iran and raised in the Czech Republic. Married with two kids, 19 and 16. Husband is a bricklayer and mason. They have a company and she does the bookkeeping. Masters degree in chemistry from Czech. and assoc. degree from community college. No opinion about large salaries of corporate officers. #7. Arvada, 19 years, born and raised in VA, married for 20 years, kids age 10 and 7. Wife not employed outside the home. She used to be a flight attendant. He is a captain with United. He has opinions about corporate salaries. As long as they are returning equities to shareholders, it’s fine. But if company is doing poorly, they are overcompensated. He has no hard feelings about United’s bankruptcy. He could put aside his feelings about executive compensation and be “totally objective.” #8. Married, 2 kids, maintenance supervisor. Wife is a food service manager for a school district. He’s also been a construction and project manager. He has feelings, same as captain’s. He doesn’t think those views have anything to do with this case. He’d set them aside. #9. Arvada, 4 years, an army brat moved here at age 6. Married, 4 kids, grown. Wife works for Colo Dept of Revenue. He has an electronics business. He has a degree in accounting and art education. He concurs with Captain about executive compensations. Two entirely different issues. #10. Castle Rock, 6 1/2 years, Michigan, transplanted here from military service, three kids, works for Colo National Guard, and works full time for government. Husband is in reserves and works for Government. Has no feelings about executive compensation. #11. Colo. Springs, married 50 years, 2 boys, 46 and 44. 6 grandkids. Retired. Had a furniture retail store and home improvement business. Wife is retired school teacher. No retirement jobs. If they earn it, they deserve it. No problems with high salaries. #12. Erie for 5/12 years. From Mass. Single. Janitor. No opinion about large salaries. #13. Lafayette, native, married, husband is a driver for heating and air conditioning. company. She works for an automotive magazine. She’s a general assistant. High school ed. No opinions about compensations. #14. Longmont, 14 years, born and raised in Mexico, married, and 33 year old adopted daughter. Works for Longmont Children’s Council. Husband works for Daily Camera, sells advertising. Post-high school education in childhood development. No opinion on executive compensation. #15. Pueblo, 29 years, born in Cheyenne. Married, 3 kids, 6, 9 and 14. Manages a GNC store for 10 years. Husband is a retail manager as well. Associates degree. No opinion on compensation. #16. Evergreen. 10 years. Registered Nurse. Husband is retired anesthesiologist. Thinks those who earned high levels of income probably earned it. #17 Byers Colorado: Rancher, electrician, he and his wife own 2 dental practices. Wife is a dental hygienist. High school education. 4 years electrical training, 2 years junior college in agricultural business. No opinion on executive compensation. # 18 Littleton, 28 years, New Jersey. 28 years there. Married, two grown kids. College degree computer science. Retired. Same opinions as others (captain) on executive compensation. Would put them aside. 3:10 PM Defense Attorney Stern moves to dismiss a juror for cause. I missed it, but the reporter next to me says it was the juror whose in-laws retired from U.S. West for cause and the Judge denied it. Jury panel of 18 passed for cause. Recess. New thread here.