The artist renderings in the news of convicted Qwest executive Joe Nacchio tell a tale: Prison takes a toll on a person. No longer does he have slicked-back, brown hair and a clean-shaven face. His suit and wire-rim glasses are gone, and he’s wearing khaki prisoner’s garb with a white T-shirt underneath and black-framed specs. He also has shaved his head and grown a thick mustache and goatee. But no, he hasn’t turned tough guy. Speaking in federal court in Denver—his first public remarks in years—the reviled Nacchio, who is serving a six-year prison term in Pennsylvania for criminal insider trading, says some of the inmates he knows are finer than the people he used to work with. “That’s my world now,” says the 60-year-old, according to The Denver Post. He was at a hearing yesterday, where he received a formal attendance waiver for his June resentencing. Nacchio did complain about traveling from Pennsylvania to Denver, according to 9News, telling the court, “I’ve been in solitary for the past eight or nine days. Everybody who warned me about it said, ‘You don’t want to go if you don’t have to.’ As much as it would be nice to be here, I don’t think I can contribute much here.” An appeals court ruled that Nacchio’s original sentence of six years plus $71 million in fines was too harsh.