I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s defense reportedly cost $3 million. Why is Joe Nacchio’s estimated at $75 million? In a glowing portrait of Nacchio lead defender Herbert Stern, the Denver Post reports:

The tab on Nacchio’s defense, which includes the services of local law firm Richilano & Gilligan, could run up to $75 million, experts say.

I doubt Stern’s hourly rate exceeds that of Ted Wells. Libby had two other major law firms involved in the defense — there were six attorneys at defense table for the trial and several more working in the wings. Both cases involved litigation over classified material. John Cline of Jones, Day in California handled it in the Libby trial and one of his associates moved to D.C. for 19 months. Stern and Richiliano and Gilligan have been handling that part themselves. This estimate sounds to me like it’s coming from someone drinking funny Kool-Aid. While we’re on the subject of the Nacchio trial, I applied for a press pass to cover the trial for 5280, so I hope you’ll check in regularly. I won’t be attending every day but I will try and be there for the highlights.