The Kansas City Star (free registration required) reports that the nation’s eyes are on Colorado’s election and the fight over the Tabor Amendment.

On Tuesday, Colorado voters will decide whether to suspend the state’s tight limit on taxes and the size of government. The tax limit has given Coloradoans some of the lowest taxes in the country, but also a starving government that has prompted high tuition rates, highway disrepair and threats to close state parks and end welfare programs….On the cutting block are state parks and social programs that include subsidies for artificial limbs and a fund that pays for paupers’ burials.

Colorado Politics notes that things are not looking good for the yes group.

The word today from many insiders close to the YES campaign on Referenda C&D is that the measure appears on its way to failure. Poll numbers have apparently weakened over the course of the last week, and many insiders close to the campaign are preparing for the worst.

I have a hard time with figuring out referendums that have letters for names instead of snappy phrases describing them. “C” and “D” and “vote yes” and “vote no” don’t tell me anything. I imagine they say even less to the non-politically attuned. So I hope I’m getting this right:

Vote yes if you want to support spending on social programs
Vote no if you care more about your tax liability than the general welfare of Colorado.

Also on the Denver ballot is a bill to legalize possession by adults of up to ounce ounce of marijauna, promoted by Safer Choice.

Vote early. Voting is one of the most important rights in a democratic society. We fight wars to bring the right to vote to people in other countries. Tuesday is your turn to exercise this right. Please, use it.