Hillary Clinton will be in Denver tonight for a fundraising effort for her Senate campaign. Also invited: Sen. Ken Salazar and Congresspersons Diana DeGette and Mark Udall. It’s at a private home and the donation amount for attending ranges from $4,200 to $250.

I’ll be there as a guest, not a journalist, so I don’t expect to be writing about it.

Other national figures are also in our state this week. Colin Powell was hospitalized last night when he got sick at Campo Fiore in Aspen, where he was dining with former President Bill Clinton, who is participating in the Aspen Ideas Festival.

National news figures were also in Aspen this week, including Katie Couric and Wolf Blitzer. When news broke of Ken Lay’s death, Wolf headed out to the hospital.

“I found out about it early this morning, and CNN knew I was here in Aspen, so I drove over to the hospital to see what was going on,” said Blitzer, who was in town for the conference.

Ken Lay’s funeral is reportedly being held in Aspen, but there has been no official confirmation. All in all, it’s been a busy week for the Sheriff’s office in Aspen.