When everyone from Robert Pattinson-obsessed tweens to Robert Pattinson-obsessed presidents can share their opinions via Twitter, it’s easy to dismiss print as an outdated form of expression. Thankfully, the Denver Zine Library (DZL) in Curtis Park embraces the spirit of independent publishing. Since 2003, the organization has amassed more than 20,000 magazines, booklets, poetry collections, and more by writers and artists from around the globe. The library’s lending policy allows patrons who visit DZL regularly to check out as many as five zines for up to three weeks. That means you can stock up on works by local contributors like Kelly Shortandqueer (pictured), one of DZL’s co-founders, who produces multiple series about his life, including stories that focus on his transgender identity. This month (April 14 and 15), you can mingle with Shortandqueer and more than 200 other zine makers at the third annual Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo, an event for those who, like us, believe print is alive and well.