It was two years ago that Ted Haggard “vanished into the gap that separates righteous, evangelical America from righteous, liberal America,” writes The Washington Post. The prostitution and drug scandal that led to the downfall of the president of the National Association of Evangelicals/pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs is the subject of an HBO documentary that finally debuts Thursday.

On Wednesday, Haggard will appear on Oprah, and with a new allegation of another gay lover–an unknown male volunteer from New Life Church–Haggard will have plenty to talk about. As The Gazette reports, the church tried to prevent the second man from coming forward, but failed.

More details should be released tonight, when News 13 in Colorado Springs airs an investigation. So far, News 13 says Haggard “took advantage” of the man, in his early 20s, who was then allegedly “paid a large sum of money” by New Life to keep quiet.