Many people will answer the call to punk someone today, and journalists will be among them. Newspaper reporters have a history of journeying into the fictional realm on April Fools’ Day. Sometimes it works—hint: ask Tom Tancredo (Westword)—but it can be an embarrassing failure, as many college journalists have learned throughout the years (Campus Overload). The young staffers of Overland High School’s The Scout weren’t joking when they attempted to publish the cause of a fellow student’s death, but they’ve nevertheless found themselves facing censorship—or at least allegations of it—drawing the attention of the ACLU (Westword).

Former Glenwood Springs waiter Damian Cardone may soon need a lawyer, as well, if the Colorado attorney general files a civil lawsuit over Cardone’s gluten-free-hating online rant, which has since been removed after a nationwide backlash from sufferers of celiac disease (Post Independent).