Sure, skinny jeans are in. So are jelly shoes. But frozen yogurt makes it official: The ’80s are back. No complaints here, especially because in the last three months Denver has seen the opening of two new yogurt joints, Chill-In and Kuulture, and the tart, refreshing, zero-fat dessert they serve is oh so addictive.

Chill-In’s Cherry Creek store keeps busy swirling its original and mango flavored yogurts, topping them with granola, fresh fruit, and Cap’n Crunch. But it’s L.A.-based Kuulture that deserves major kudos. The tiny shop, with its super clean, über-modern space, opened only last week and has already redefined downtown hip. Kuulture’s yogurt, which is icy and sour, comes in flavors like acai and pomeberry (pomegrante cranberry), and eating it makes you feel at once trendy and cool. With frozen yogurt this good, it’s little wonder that the craze has caught on from L.A. to New York City.

Bonus: Monday, August 11, Kuulture serves up free frozen yogurt 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Chill-In, 2727 E. Second Ave., 303-388-1855; Kuulture, 1512 Larimer St., Writer Square