In the past several days, Denverites have awakened to the news that, according to the most recent polling, Bob Beauprez leads Governor Hickenlooper by a whopping 10 points. And that the incumbent leads his challenger by a slightly less whopping seven points. And that Senator Mark Udall has a thin but comfortable four-point cushion over Cory Gardner. And that Gardner, in fact, is thumping Udall by eight points.

The lesson, of course, is that political polling is utter nonsense that should be completely ignored by anyone who truly wants to be informed. (This goes double triple quadruple for those who might watch a political ad—any of them, positive or negative—and base their voting decision on it.)

Like it or not, being an engaged member of the electorate requires you to do some homework. Thankfully, a new smartphone application (or app, as the kids say) makes that a little easier for Denverites. The city’s Elections Division released the “Denver Votes!” app a few weeks ago for both Androids and iPhones, and it provides simple and intuitive ways for local voters to register to vote, update their old registration, figure out where to go on Election Day, and get information about candidates and campaign issues. It even allows users to track the status of their mail-in ballots and points you toward information about how to become an election judge.

So download the app and give your (Denver-based) friends the heads-up. Our political landscape leaves a lot to be desired and complain about, but the best way to change that is via the ballot box, and this is one welcome way technology is allowing voters’ voices to be heard.

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