There’s something confessional in admitting a preference for Mexican beer. To acknowledge that you’ve passed up a flavorful microbrew for a Pacifico requires self-confidence. After all, diehard beer drinkers tend to dismiss the latter as overly simple. But lovers of crisp Mexican beer need not muster any courage to give their stamp of approval to Del Norte Brewing Company‘s Mexican-style beers.

The Denver-based craft brewer makes a light lager and an amber lager that combine the refreshing, low-hop flavors of Mexican beers with the layered textures and tastes of a Vienna-style pilsner. Del Norte’s brews reflect the earlier days of Mexican brewing. The first Mexican beers (originally made by German immigrants) had bite, but they’ve changed over time to adapt to the country’s spicy cuisine. Sip the company’s creamy Órale lager on game day with chips and salsa. Or pour its darker, richer Mañana amber along with a dinner of tacos.