I had heard about Joe and really wanted to meet him. The problem was that Joe was only in liquid form, and he was over in Boulder.

Joe—rather, Joe’s—is the latest offering from Avery Brewing, a brand-new pilsner that promises a lot of hops. The beer is only available on draft until Avery rolls out its new canned offerings, which will include Joe’s, Ellie’s, White Rascal, and their IPA.

Luckily, I ran into Joe at a recent beer fest, poured fresh and light into my waiting glass. Billed as a “premium American pilsner,” Joe’s has the body of a traditional pilsner but with the Avery calling-card of a hefty dose of hops. The result is a crisp summer beer that finishes with a bitter kick.

Avery delivers a bit of the unexpected with Joe’s, as well. While they’re known for high-octane brews, Joe’s is a lighter offering, at just 4.7 percent ABV.

Joe’s Premium American Lager should be available on draft in restaurants and in cans next month. In the meantime, get your first taste at Avery’s tap room.