There are few foods that evoke as much devotion as pie. The homey combination of flaky crust and silky cream or bountiful seasonal fruit is the very definition of Americana. A slice can take you straight back to the sunny days of childhood. Tamara Brink bakes pies that are that good—and you can find them at Humble Pie in Baker.

Set in a sunny corner at Third Avenue and Elati Street, Brink’s sweet and savory line up of pies, quiches, croissants, muffins, galettes, and even pie shakes, is nothing short of dreamy. The cozy aroma of cinnamon and butter mingled with fresh fruit wafts out of the doorway, tempting passerby to stop in for a treat and a sultry cup of Huckleberry Roasters coffee.

The croissants are perfectly pulled, the pumpkin muffins are plump, and the quiche is laden with organic, local vegetables, but for true pie devotees this is all background noise. Brink’s pies sell as quickly as she can bake them. Her shop has been open just over a week but already favorites, such as the Western Slope peach, apple crumb and lattice, chocolate chess, and Farmer Dave’s famous buttermilk banana cream, have emerged.

Savory Tip: When the weather turns cool, warm up with one of Brink’s beef short rib pies. Just pop it in the oven—by the time you make a salad, dinner is ready.

300 Elati St., 720-479-8690