Consider Bop & Gogi Korean Kitchen and Grill a fast-casual restaurant in Centennial, a Korean food primer. At the three-month-old restaurant (the name of which translates to “rice” and “meat”), diners can choose from Korean specialties including galbi (barbecue beef short ribs), bulgogi (thinly sliced marinated beef or chicken), or other proteins enriched with spicy red sauce, crisped with katsu breading, or drizzled with teriyaki. All bowls are served with sliced, al dente vegetables and your choice of white, brown, or fried rice. Plates come with two additional sides and an extra scoop of rice.

Korean-born, Jaedo Ryu, understands the complex nuances that make his native cuisine so exciting. You can taste the chef/owner’s expertise across the menu, from the approachable beef and chicken bulgogi, pictured, with overtones of sesame, garlic, and ginger to the spiciest kimchi.

Tip: Don’t miss the spicy pork bowl with its mild heat and rich red sauce or the bibimbap topped with a fried egg. (If you like bibimbap, check out this how-to in January issue of Bon Appétit.)

10639 E. Briarwood Ave, Suite B-2, Centennial, 303-790-1352