On July 1, 90 new laws will go into effect. Shorter version:

“The winners on July 1 are kids who need health care, seniors in nursing homes, victims of domestic violence. Those folks will be better off,” said House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, D-Denver.

“The bad news is that if you’re a drunk driver, sex offender, animal abuser, a law-breaking mortgage broker, July 1 will not be a good day for you.”

Among the new laws is one that requires sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses and advise authorities of the screen names they use in chat rooms:

Those who fail to provide accurate information or no information at all will face separate felony charges and a revocation of their parole.

Other new laws include:

HB 1163, which gives in-state tuition to the children of armed forces members who are transferred into Colorado; HB 1117, which requires kids riding on motorcycles to wear helmets and HB 1249, which increases consumer protections for people dealing with moving companies as well as requiring their officers to undergo criminal background checks.

There’s also a new law on DUI’s and sobriety tests:

Motorists suspected of being drunk now get to choose whether to submit to a breath test or a blood test – and the test must happen within two hours of the traffic stop. The new law says police can force a driver to take one type of test if the other is unavailable.

Do you feel safer now?