One year after the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, fledgling news organizations continue to rise and experiment with new models for delivering news and opinion.

The latest local attempt,, comes from stay-at-home mom and retired civil engineer Liz Payton. The impetus, she and her civic-minded cohorts say, is the biased coverage provided by Boulder’s dominant daily newspaper: the Daily Camera.

“We were disappointed in a lot of the coverage during the election,” she tells Westword, pointing out that some voices and issues got short shrift. The site is particularly interested in being a watchdog on environmental and development issues that don’t always make it into the paper. “We want to offer this sort of in-depth news that you don’t get with the Camera,” she adds.

The site is manned by volunteers and asks for donations to cover some costs.

Meanwhile, the lefty Colorado political blog SquareState has been purchased by Open Communications Colorado, LLC—aka Sarah Fong, Andrew Romanoff’s former regional campaign director; Crystal Clinkenbeard, media strategist for Planned Parenthood of the Rockies; and Catharine Wallace—reports The Colorado Independent. The trio plans to move the site toward political action, such as rallies and boycotts, but will also have a lighter side, providing info on events, says Fong.