Murray, CaroleAdd to your long list of potential government penalties up to $100 for registering your vehicle late. It turns out the state fees have surprised many tardy residents, writes The Denver Post: In the past, county clerks have charged no more than $10—if any fee at all—for registering late.

State Representative Carole Murray, a Republican from Castle Rock, says “a lot of those late fees were on recreational vehicles, boat trailers, convertibles, which people waited to register until they were going to use them.” Murray (left) adds that the fee is so excessive “it’s no longer a fee, it’s a tax.”

And if you’re not careful, you can now get busted for texting while driving. Under the new state law, it’s illegal for adult drivers 18 and older to send or receive text messages, tweets, or e-mails while driving.

How the police will be able to tell what you’re doing with your phone is unclear. Just don’t get caught. The fine is $50 for a first offense and $100 for subsequent offenses, the Denver Business Journal points out. The new law also bans teens under 18 from all cell-phone use while driving.