My life is always on a bit of a nightlife roller coaster. It goes way, way up sometimes, and I’m thrilled to go to the clubs, socialize at parties, and hit every new bar and lounge in town. Then, every now and then, it hits a low point. Suddenly, I am sick to death of clubs, parties, bars, and lounges. Right about the time I hit that tummy-twisting corkscrew, I find myself craving the great outdoors, herbal tea, good books, and long weekends spent walking the dog, riding my horse, and ignoring my cell phone. Obviously this is not any real crisis, but it does present a minor problem for a person who makes a living as a nightlife and entertainment writer. I can’t really afford to indulge my anti-social moments. So what do I do? In this case, I’m hoping to spend the weekend socializing, but in completely different environments. Tonight it’s date night. Hubby’s picking up the wine, I am making dinner, then we are heading to the Colorado Ballet’s Choreographer’s Showcase at the Ellie Caulkin’s Opera House. I have loved the ballet for years, since I first became involved in the short-lived Front and Center young patron’s group (sadly, the group folded several years ago). And there is the fact that one of the three showcases tonight is Paul Taylor’s Company B, set to the music of the Andrews Sisters. I love the Andrews Sisters. I remember swing dancing with my mom in our living room to the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy as a child, and I can’t wait to see and hear tonight’s performance. After, we booked a romance package at the Hotel Teatro, which of course makes it a mini-vacation as well as a hot date. For the rest of the weekend, I’m planning to focus my attentions on my other obsession in life (the first being my usual appetite for the nightlife), my four-legged friends. Saturday and Sunday the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo continues at the National Western Complex. The schedule is full of clinics, exhibitions, and free demonstrations, along with a few ticketed events. My own trainer, Carol Jones, and her daughter Nicky will be participating in several exhibitions, and this will be my first opportunity to see them strut their stuff in a show, along with several other riders from my horse’s barn. I can only hope that someday I might be showing alongside them. Sunday afternoon, it’s time to pamper my pooch. The Mile High Canine Club, a doggie day care, kennel, and club, is hosting Beer, Brats, and Barks, a benefit for the Good Samaritan Pet Center and Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue. For only $10, you’ll get a burger (or a brat, or a veggie burger) and a beer, and know that you’re helping the many shelter dogs who need homes, hugs, and health care. Hopefully next week I’ll be back on track for the party circuit, but if not, at least I should have some interesting stories to tell.