We didn’t get our flyover last night at Red Rocks, which was a small disappointment. But I did get to see Top Gun — for the first time, believe it or not — with thousands of other movie buffs under the stars at Red Rocks. There are two things I will not forget about the night. One, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are really hot when they play volleyball. (They’re pretty darn cute flying fighter jets too, to be honest.) Two, the movie soundtrack rocks with some great 80’s tunes, and when they pump it up through the amphitheater’s sound system, we’re talking movie magic, folks.

Tonight I’m off to do more carousing under the sunset and starlight; Vinyl is hosting their regular Tuesday ladies’ night, with a special CD release party for a band called Bhakti Rasa on the rooftop deck. I’m told we’ll have dancers and drummers along with a live performance by the band. And with no cover, and dollar drinks until midnight, this may end up being a good excuse for Tuesday-night trouble making.

Then again, I’m also supposed to meet my friend Tyler (of Lipgloss fame) over at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer) to check out the new Tuesday night scene there (Secret Society of Sound), and catch up with him about his five years rocking the indie crowds on Friday nights.

I guess it’s never a bad thing to have options, right?