My island escape was cut short tonight. I was supposed to attend a media event for the opening of a new location for Rumbi Island Grill in Boulder. It’s one of the new wave of upscale-casual dining joints, this time with an island vibe and menu. The owners had a Hawaiian chief in today to bless the restaurant before it opened, which should have been followed by a preview dinner for friends, family — and the media folks like myself they had invited. But instead, following the blessing, we were all informed that the health inspector had not given the place the all clear (due to scheduling conflicts, apparently, and not any health concerns or problems.) So much for dinner.

Looks like the place is still set to open this Thursday — assuming that the blessing worked and things go smoothly from here on out — and it adds another new destination for the new 29th Street Mall. The new shopping district takes the place of the old Crossroads Mall, and will open this weekend with a benefit bash on Thursday evening.