Under Colorado law, a woman may breastfeed her baby in public. But when an unnamed woman fed her babe in the LoveSac store at the FlatIron Crossing mall last week, she was told to “wrap it up” by a manager, who said the store has a policy against breastfeeding, reports Boulder’s Daily Camera.

As the corporate chiefs at the LoveSac chain backpedal, claiming there is no such policy, the incident has spawned threats of a nurse-in at the mall from a group of mothers in Nederland. What do the moms want?

“I would really like them to issue a public statement saying that not only do they support breastfeeding women, but they support them breastfeeding in their stores,” says supporter Kristine Lauria, of Ned. Another mom says “breastfeeding mothers should not be made to feel like criminals or second-class citizens anymore.”

Alex Rhodeen, LoveSac’s director of sales and marketing, says company officials spoke with staff at the store to inform them of state law and that the company has no policy against breastfeeding (via 7News). The incident recalls another one that took place at Coors Field during a Rockies game, when a mother was asked to move her baby out of view during a breastfeeding. On threats of a nurse-in, a Rockies official apologized, writes Westword.