I’ve been wondering out loud here for the last week why Colorado politicians aren’t seizing on the issue of rising gasoline costs for their campaigns, and it looks like somebody has finally stepped forward.

The No on Referenda C&D campaign are out with a new radio ad urging people to vote against the measure because it will give them more money to pay for gasoline.

Granted, you’re only going to see an extra $15 if you vote no on C&D, but the message is a good one. Rising gasoline prices is an issue that touches every single voter in Colorado. Everyone can get their minds around rising gas costs, and the No on C&D campaign is smart to jump on this issue for political gain.

Rep. Diana DeGette also brought up the issue of gas prices, but it was in relation to Hurricane Katrina. DeGette is not at risk of losing a bid for re-election, but among the other candidates for Colorado office (such as governor and congress, particularly in CD-7) none have yet stepped forward.