As you stop for a moment to consider Colorado’s nudity laws, think about Robert Whipkey, the now-former Catholic priest from Frederick caught jogging nude on a high school track two years ago, as the Greeley Tribune reported. Or the 60 cyclists in Boulder who rode nude to protest oil. Or the 46-year-old shirtless drunken man urinating on the side of a county road who was ticketed for indecent exposure and could be required to register as a sex offender.

Or the participants in Boulder’s annual Naked Pumpkin Run, who were ticketed for indecent exposure. Now, as Boulder’s Daily Camera reports, the American Civil Liberties Union is pushing for changes that would prevent the state from considering streakers and other public nudists as sex offenders. Meanwhile, in Fort Collins city police have joined with Colorado State University in an effort they say should help keep noise violations at a minimum: voluntary registration of off-campus student parties. According to the Coloradoan, approximately 735 warnings for such violations were issued last year, and officials are hoping that voluntary registration will allow party hosts to break up their own shindigs before having to involve police.