Medical marijuana comes in many forms, and state Republican Representative Cindy Acree is on a mission to regulate edibles, calling them a threat to children. “Things like ‘pot tarts’ are showing up on school grounds,” she claims in an interview with Westword, “and they don’t have regulated doses. I think even patients are misled by some of these things.” Not only that, but some of the products appear to infringe on trademarks, such as Mountain Dew. During a hearing Tuesday, law-enforcement officers lined up behind Acree’s measure, confirming pot products have appeared at schools and pose a health risk. “These aren’t trivial incidents,” says Jim Gerhardt, a member of the North Metro Drug Task Force (Denver Post). “A number of children have been hospitalized because of consuming these products.”

Acree used various props during the hearing (pics via the Cannabis Therapy Institute) and eventually agreed to revisions in order to advance the measure. Rather than ban the edibles, Acree has proposed amendments that would create packaging that’s adult-oriented and clearly labeled. Manufacturers like Organa Foods, which opposed the original draft, support the idea of making packaging more targeted (Colorado Independent).